What are shaped windows?

circletopAre you looking for a unique shaped window for your home? Our shaped vinyl windows are a great option. Manufactured by bending vinyl profiles into various geometric shapes to meet your design needs. Regardless of your home’s architectural style, the Window Source carries shaped windows to fit every need including arched, round, half-round, and octagonal. If you are looking for a new or replacement architectural style window in the Tri-Cities, the Window Source can deliver.

What shapes are available at The Window Source?

triangularShaped architectural windows are available in a variety of shapes including circle top windows or half circle windows, arched windows, triangular windows, trapezoidal windows, octagonal windows, eyebrow windows, and cathedral windows.

Our shaped windows are manufactured by bending the profiles of the windows into various shapes by applying heat to make them pliable. After cooling, the windows retain the shape, and window panes are made to fit the design. These shaped windows are created to custom fit your home’s requirements exactly. They are available with energy-saving upgrade options like other windows offered by The Window Source.

You’ll find shaped architectural windows throughout modern homes in North America. With the Window Source, you can have modern designs easily.