Awning & Casement Installation in Tri-Cities

What is a casement window?

cleaning a casement windowA casement window, or a crank-out window, is one of the most convenient and efficient window options available. A casement window opens outward on vertical access by using a crank attached to the sash. The heavy-duty hinges allow you to open the window a full 90 degrees for optimal fresh air and also for convenient cleaning inside and out. Users can easily close the unit tightly with its multipoint locking system with a single lever. Casement windows offer a variety of formations including double, triple, or quadruple units. Casement window installation in the Tri-Cities is easy and will add a beautiful window to your home.

What is an awning window?

awning windowSimilar to a casement window, an awning window opens outward on a horizontal axis. The awning window provides the same features as a casement window but with the window opening vertically from the bottom. The Awning window can be opened to create a passthrough window for your next gathering too!

Where should I consider installing a casement window?

Casement and awning windows provide an easy-to-use window that allows for optimal light and fresh air. Casement windows fit well in hard-to-reach areas, like the kitchen sink, or they are also perfect for a projecting window like a bow or bay. These windows are perfect in any location because of the single crank operator that can open and close the window with ease. If you live in the Tri-Cities area, a casement or awning window installation is a perfect option for your home, allowing more light than other window styles.

Casement and Awning Window Features:

  • multi-chambered 3 1/4 inch vinyl frames
  • fusion-welded sashes and mainframes
  • sash opens a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning and to meet egress code requirements
  • heavy duty foldable crank and hinge operating hardware
  • multi-point locking system with easy single lever operation
  • warm edge spacer system
  • meets Energy Star requirements with LowE/Argon
  • transferable Lifetime Warranty